AppValley download iphone,ipad.

Appvalley is one of the top app installers for ios users offering plenty of apps,games,tweaked apps,movie apps and much more. It is a free app for you by AppValley App developers and here we present expansion of it as AppValley download iphone,ipad.


What is AppValley?

App valley is actually a third party app installer to your iPhone,ipad. (It is a free  app store brings you thousands of apps) It also has paid version called AppValley VIP. You can subscribe this premium version yearly.

AppValley is safe app?

Actually most ios users doubt about new app installation because of malfunction of the app, harm to the device,losing Apple warranty like that. But concerning about the App valley is totally safe application for ever.

How to download AppValley to iphone, ipad ?

Downloading AppValley is simple. You should have stable internet connection to get the app and use bellow link to download.


AppValley features.

  • Highly compatible with IOS 7 and above versions.
  • No need to jailbreak the iPhone, ipad to install the app.
  • Much secure app with high reliability.
  • User friendly interface with updates.
  • It brings u thousands of apps and games (Tweaked apps,Cydia apps, games and emulators)
  • No need computer assistance to install apps and games.
  • It is user friendly app comes with easy interface.
  • Fast download speed.





How to use App valley in iphone,ipad ?

This is much user friendly application and easy to use. In brief…

  • First you have to download it using above link to your iphone,



Tap on Install as bellow…

Then as follows….

  • Then tap on the app valley icon and leave it open being patient.

  • Now you can find the apps ,games you want going up and down through the list as well as if you know the name of app, you can search it using search bar.


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