Panda helper

 Panda helper

All ios users (Apple phone users) are like to change their appearance of the device as well as install new and various apps to the phone. Popular ways to do so are Jailbreaking, or using third party-app installers.. Among many third party apps to bring your dreams come through,The panda helper is one of such application brings you by Panda Helper Inc.

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What is panda helper?

Panda helper is third party app installer for ios / android users. So you no need to Jailbreak or root your device to run panda helper or to install applications.

Panda helper is safe app?

Panda App is definitely one of the best third-party App installer application. It offers a massive collection of games and apps for you.

Panda helper is a safe application which you can install without harming Apple rules [No need to root access as doing jailbreak] which means there are no security rules broken in the process and nothing is hacked. It is a legal app and, you need your Apple ID to download it, Apple cannot void your warranty for having it on your device.


How to download Panda helper?

The Helper app is available in two versions, Regular and VIP.  Regular is premium version and regular is the free version. To download panda helper to your i-phone is very easy.