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Privacy Policy is only tutorial based blog which is develop for your knowledge purpose. We are not 3UTools application developers, Our team included application specialist and we are analyzing apps with different viewpoints. Our guided tutorial will help to all users to touch with this amazing application, Also you can follow our simple guides to touch with this amazing application features.

This website is developed with well policy manner, We are not hosted any illegal products or apps. is not only providing 3utools application guided tutorials, But also we are highly concern with app store, play store and other useful applications. So this blog will be valuable to all smart phone and Windows users. Specially Apple Ios users will be glad with our A-Z tutorial based guides. We have seen more than 30 percent of users have lack of knowledge with 3UTools application. Our mission is to cover all the necessary features provide application developers.

Purpose of the Blog

Our main purpose is to give A to Z tutorial based guides for users. This is only knowledge based site,  This blog is not hosted any application. We have given direct download links for users from official website. If any complaint regarding with, Please comment or message to us. We like to give benefit of this application for users, This moment our blog has hundreds of fans and users feedback is much more important to us.

How we are collecting users information

We are not maintain users database, How we are collecting users information. We are mainly using Google webmaster tools and analytic tool to manage our visitors. Our users are important to us, We like to give solutions for users as soon as possible. Google webmaster is help to maintain blog with well healthy. We are analyzing our users with Google Analytic tool. This will help to view users with different viewpoints. This will help to give better solution with user requirement. We are appreciating Google about this great product to monitor website.

Type of Data Collecting

We are not storing users information, We are only using your contact email address and user name, Also this website is not selling anything. We are using Google adsense Program in the backend. Perhaps some advertisement may contain payable ads. We are keeping following data limited number of days to help for visitors.

  • User email address
  • User name

Please do not give your privacy information specially credit card/bank information to third party account users. Your comments are important to us, Please give your feedback or questions as comments to us. This will help to keep our blog as much as user friendly.

External Links

We have given links to other websites for user satisfaction. These links are given for trusted sources, However if you found any bad or broken link with this website, Please contact us as soon as possible. We can recommend to follow website privacy policies properly. These policies are updating by development teams and policies will be change with the time to time.


We are not use cookies to tracking data, Our blog is only using trusted advertising programs for users.

Protect Users information.

This blog is only educational site, This is not commercial based blog. So users are do not pay to our team for get our services. Your email address will not public in our blog. We will guide our regular users with application features and notifications.

Update Privacy Policy & Contact Us

Perhaps we will update our privacy policies. These are updating to give better service for our loving users. Please follow our Policies properly before use our site. Our users are our value, Please bookmark and share our knowledge with your friends and family.

Any message follow our contact us form or email – [email protected]