3utools Download Free Wallpapers

Download Featured Wallpapers to your iPhone, iPad Free

Why we use only default wallpapers on our device. There are many interesting pictures in our world to use as wallpapers on our devices. You do not need to limit only with device wallpapers. Let’s download featured wallpapers to your iPhone, ipad free with 3utools.

3utools is your famous software serve you get hundreds of pretty wallpapers to your device. All those things would be free to you. It has categorized wallpapers interestingly by facilitating you to find them according to your selection.

Step to download wallpapers to your iPhone, iPad.

Actually before move on wallpapers, you have to download 3utools to your PC or Laptop first. 3utools is the best ios customizing software for you, which you are able to download and install to your computer. 3utools is free software. So you do not need to do, any payment to get it.

3utools download

  • After installing that you have to open the 3utools. [Note: keep your software up to date before using it]
  • Then you can connect the iPhone to the computer. [Also you can continue without connecting the i-device too]
  • Now you can see a button named [RT&WP], where the Ringtones and Wallpapers are stored.
  • Click on it and then click on [Featured WP] where you can get wallpapers.

Then there are four main sections

  1. Featured

There are many featured wallpapers here

  1. LeaderBoard

This comprise with three sections: 1:Weekly Rank 2:Monthly Rank 3:Total Rank. [All these consist of their popularity and rate of downloading.]

  1. Latest

Newly added wallpapers

  1. All Genres

You can see sixteen main categories with full of wallpapers.

Then it gives you three options to select where you like save the wallpaper.

If you click on Import to Camera Roll then it will be imported to Camera Roll

If you click Import to Photos Library then it will be imported to Photo Library

Wallpaper would be saved on your PC if you select Save to Local

           Be happy with Featured Wallpapers of 3utools

                                                            Media Box HD


3UTools for Windows 11 & 64/32 bit running Devices

Your favorite 3UTools application is compatible with Windows versions. Can download 3UTools for Windows 11 ? Yes, This application is not only support for Windows, but also you can follow application with older versions well. However 3UTools application will not support for most older versions. Please download application latest version from our download page to touch with this application features.

3utools windows 11

How to use 3UTools for Windows 11 or other versions

  • First download application latest file with our page
  • Then open setup file (exe) and click application – > Tap “Yes” – Then select your installation location (tap custom install) and tap “Install”
  • Now you can see 3U app is installing to your device. After few seconds tap “Launch” to open installed application. Please connect your iPhone,iPad or iPod before open application from your PC.

Note – Your Windows computer need to install iTunes or Apple Driver to function this application properly. Final stage this application will ask to install any of these applications.

Now enjoy your 3UTools application features with your device. This application developed to install required latest iTunes version and also latest drivers compatible with your Windows operating system. So these application installation will take few minutes to complete.

This application developed with premium iTunes features. So this is much valuable application for all users.

3UTools application not detecting my Device with Windows 11, Why ?

  • Please restart your computer after installation completed, Then connect your device with USB port and tap 3UTools.
  • Check your USB cable if any error occurred. This application automatically detecting your USB cable connected iDevice.
  • Please tap “Trust” to confirm connected device with PC.
  • You can check drivers and restart with this application

3UTools application has Wifi connection feature and users are required to run application with same LAN. Your Windows PC and device must run with same network.

If any error with this application installation in Windows 11 or other version, Please comment here.

3UTools Free Download for Your Device

Can download 3UTools free ? Yes, This application is completely free for users. More than ninety percent of application features are gathered with iOS users and this is useful for Android users well. However this application Pro flash features are compatible with iOS users. Because of Apple restrictions, All Apple devices are put into jail with free version. So VIP users can touch with premium features. Therefore most users are interesting with third party applications like 3UTools.  

Download 3UTools free latest version


 Click Here – Download App

3UTools free for Windows and MAC 

This application is only compatible with Windows users and MAC users are required to follow third party Windows installer. So this is working fine with Windows 7+ running operating systems. More than 80 percent of application features are free for users, This is really advantage for all users.  

Can download 3UTools free with Play Store/App Store 

Apple restrictions are not allow to follow these applications for iOS users. Then most users are moving with 3UTools application. This is not online based Play Store/App Store application. So users are unable to install this free application with official stores. 

Can Download 3UTools online ?

We have seen some sites are moving users to download this application online. This application developers are not released online installation method for users. So users are unable to install this application online for iOS and Android installer application. 

Is 3UTools VIP free ?

This application developers are not selling their app for users. However some features will be unlock with third party payment method. Users are unable to follow any cracking activation codes to bypass these features. Therefore do not follow third party activation numbers for your application. You can follow 3u .com official site for further information. 

Is 3UTools free with Linux ?

Only limited number of users are following Linux operating system for their computers. Actually this application Linux compatible version not released by development team. So Linux users are required to follow alternative applications instead of this application. Follow our direct download link and enjoy with this toolkit.

ShowBox APK

As we all like to see movies there are many video streaming apps in the market. But most of them are payable. So you may be like to have a good one and for free, would be better.

You just need to use this app to stream everything online according to your preferences. The great thing about this app is that it does not cause interruptions like ads when you view the content. Also this would be advertisement free. Then what is this? It is showBox


You can find Show box moving across many platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, computers, laptops. It offers all kinds of entertaining content including unlimited movies, TV shows, and news channels.

Showbox apk

Features of ShowBox APK on Android smart Phones and Tabs.

Free App

Showbox APK is a free app to download and you are not being charged for while it using. It also does not have to pay too much for subscribing to various visual functions like HD etc.

Unlimited Downloads

No restriction for downloading. So no need to confine online streaming.  It lets you to download it for free so you can watch it later though you are offline.

User friendly Interface

Showbox APK gives you a straightforward interface. You can easily find it contents. Showbox gives you all the content details and makes it easy for downloading related to device storage. Also you can find the title by typing it or go to the viewer menu.

Play Songs

Now you can listen to the song for free and download them for free.

Easy installation

Showbox does not require any subscription, registration. . The viewer does not need to register, set passwords or add personal information. As a safe app it does not harm device privacy and policy.

Quality Content

Show Box always brings you quality contents. It always updates its content as user needs.


Also it brings you multilingual contents like native American languages, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and so on. Showbox APK includes content from a variety of genres like fear, love, action, excitement, suspense, and more. In addition, the release date makes all the details of the films featuring the artists and genres visible to the public.

Download And Install Showbox APK On Andriod Smartphone

Note: Before installation go to the device settings option and go to the security panel. Now activate the unknown source, which is important otherwise the file will not be downloaded. Then select the storage where you want to install the file.

Download the ShowBox APK

  • After downloading, open the file and click the Installation tab.
  • Wait for the file and all its contents to be fully installed on your device. Continue all its need for the installation.
  • See the showBox app icon on the home screen.
  • Launch the app now and start watching movies, TV, or channels you want to watch.

Download MovieBox Pro

Download TutuApp for iPhone,iPad.

Most of us prefer to have apps and games which may not in the device apps store. You may be Android user or the ios user but for all here is the best third party app store called TutuApp which  is specially designed app store. The interesting thing is it has been developed for both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. This lets you to install apps and games from Apple app store in iOS devices and official Google Play Store for Android. All you need to Download TutuApp for iPhone,iPad.

3utools tutuapp

TutuApp allows you to download popular apps and games like Spotify, Deezer, GTA, Minecraft PE, Pokemon Go, PUBG, Fortnite and many more.

TutuApp Features on Iphone, Ipad

  • Thousands of free apps and games on official Google Play and Apple App Store are available for download.
  • It gives you Regular updates and add-ons of new apps and games for both ios and Android devices.
  • Here you can have tweaked MOD and updated versions of apps and Games are available.
  • In app downloader allows you to download apps faster and keeping it organized with it’s file manager.
  • Light weight App installer needs small room in your device.
  • It updates its contents regularly.
  • Well categorized apps and games make you find easy.
  • Search option is much helpful to find apps
  • Colorful interface increase its attraction.

You can feel much than this while using…

TutuApp is available free and paid, where you can use our download links to download and install on your android or iOS device. 

Do you think you can have this app for your ios device only? Actually Tutuapp APK serves your android device to get Android apps to your smart phone and tab.

TutuApp APK is very cute app to your smart phone and tab which lets you to download thousands of apps and games free. Also it brings you Android versions of many ios apps.

Download TutuApp APK

This valuable app comes in two versions. TutuApp free version is available for all free but it brings you free apps and games for limited times.

TutuApp premium version is TutuApp VIP which gest you unlimited apps, games and no revoke.

Download TutuApp VIP



Download ZiniTevi Any Device

We all like movies and TV shows so there are many video streaming apps can be seen for ios and Android devices in the world. Among  them here is a cute free appliction to your iPhone,iPad and Android phone called ZiniTevi. It helps you to download Movies and TV shows free to your device unlimitedly. Many video streaming apps allow you to use limited options in free or trail mode. But this ZiniTevi is a free app to use for all and it offers you to use its all options free. So let’s see how to have ZiniTevi on all devices.

Zinitevi  IOS Download

Download zinitevi for iPhone,iPad free.

There are many video streaming apps for ios device users. But ZiniTevi for iOS is a new application permits you to stream movies and TV series on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch screen for free. It is completely a free app for you and no need to Jailbreak your devices to install this app and it brings you HD movies with frequent regular updates to compatible with your ios version. Also no need PC support and Apple ID for using this. You can get Zinitevi for your iOS device with iOS 9 or later.

Free Download ZiniTevi IOS to your device.


ZiniTevi for Android

Download ZiniTevi APK for Android smart Devices

This may be a best video streaming app for your Android smart device for free. ZiniTevi is wonderful app and is totally free to your device as well as you can easily download and install it. Also you no need to do any rooting or making other changes on the device for installation. You can download directly to the device via our link bellow. You only need Android 5+ [Lollypop] version for better operation of the app. This app helps you to have latest movies and TV shows for free by frequent update.

So download ZiniTevi APK free.

The best features of ZiniTevi  

  • Download videos without any restrictions
  • High speed direct download links with HD format
  • Brings you a huge collection of movies and TV shows.
  • You can watch movies online / download to see offline.
  • Capability of video Streaming to other platforms like Web Browser,Airplay,Chromecast,Android TV,Apple TV,Smart TV
  • Movie list is categorized for easy use.
  • Support for multiple languages

How to Use ZiniTevi free?

  • When you open the app on the home screen of ZiniTevi, you will see trending Movies and Popular TV Shows.
  • Then you can look for the movies & TV shows that you wish to stream via the direct search option easily.
  • There are two options, the Watch Now button present against the title to initiate streaming. To download the content, there is a Download button, which help you to see movies offline too.
  • The app has a Watched section to keep a track of your watching history.
  • There’s a Favorite section as well where you can add titles that you wish to stream later without having to search for them all over again.
  • Also you are able to check out IMDB information regarding a title on the app.

Follow your own way to use the app no restrictions


Free Music Apps

Hi, my dear friend here, I am going to show you a best offline music app for you iphone,ipad for free by Apple App store. This app is called Tuner Radio Plus. This does support offline music listing for users. Here you can download music files to the device and you can listen to them later without internet connection.


This app is available in the App store so you can have the app free to your iPhone, iPad.  Tuner Radio Plus is the best mp3, mp4 music player. You can find any music genres here include Funk, Gosple, Rock, Sertanje, Reggie. You can find all artists’ top track or album too. You can listen to local radio fm stations in your country and you can select radio channels from any other country.

The only requirement is, you should have ios 9 or above version.

Free version pop up advertisements, but you can remove these adds by Purchasing it.

  • Remove ads by month for $4.99
  • Remove ads by year for $49.99

Advantages of Tuner Radio plus

  • Millions of MP3,MP4 music store.
  • You can build your own music library.
  • Nature sounds are available for mind relaxing.
  • You can search for all artists’ top track or album.
  • You can search for music genres here.
  • You can listen Local Fm channels and Wold wide Fm channels.

Download MovieBox Pro from Panda helper.

People love entertainments. Mainly being at a place, with the hand held device like iPhone,iPad,iPod and watching latest movies,TV shows online or download to see later. Among many video streaming apps the Movie Box Pro on your ios is the best one I ever say, Lets see Download MovieBox

Advantages of Downloading Moviebox pro

  • Watch latest movies / TV shows for free of charge.
  • Thousands of  movies and TV shows in the store.
  • Daily updating videos and TV shows.
  • Fast  downloading contents
  • No regional restrictions
  • Multi-language subtitle support with speed adjustment and sharing
  • Can create Movie & share your movie list
  • Support iOS, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV
  •  Free & VIP version
  • No jailbreak, No Apple ID, No root access needed.
  • Users friendly interface with more options.



Download MovieBox Pro from Panda helper.

Here is the easiest way to download your favorite video streaming app MOVIE BOX PRO via Panda helper. You can use Panda helper Regular or Panda helper VIP to download Movie box Pro. All apps are free of charge by Panda helper to you, as well as  Movie box pro brings you movies and TV shows to you free. So you need not to worry about money and just have to enjoy the content.

  • In this method you have to download Panda helper first.

  • Then open Panda helper.

  • Now search for Movie Box Pro at the search bar in Panda helper, and tap on download button as follows.

  • Then top on install as bellow.

  • Now you can see the movie box pro in your home screen and tap on it to open.

  • Search your favorite movies and TV shows among the huge collection.

Read more about…..

Panda Helper




Customize 3utools

3utools which is your favorite iphone customizing application is being most popular one among many ios users these days. Frequent updates and inbuilt features are doing well to fulfill your needs. So it is much ahead from other alternative apps which is totally free to your computer by 3utools team.

When you download and install 3utools app to your computer/ laptop with any windows OS, it appears in its default interface. But you may not satisfy with that color. In that case it offers you an option to customize the app itself other than customizing your iphone and ipad. No need to connect your i-Device.

Change skins to customize 3utools       

This feature is available from 3utools v 2.21. You can change your application skin using the button where up right corner of your app. You can change the color of your application easily her. There are several color palettes and click on your desired color. Instantly you can see the result.

  • First click on the icon as bellow

3utools skins

  • Then you can see the color palette and click on the color you like to set for the skin.

3utools skin color

Add a picture

Not only that you can also add your desired picture to the application easily by clicking the customize button bellow to the color palette.

3utools skin picture

  • Then you can select a picture from your computer by clicking on Reselect picture.

Note: Minimum picture size is 1000*700

3utools app


Select a picture already downloaded to PC and click on Done. Also you can Rotate the picture and change the Text color, White or Black




Free Download 3utools for windows 

How to use 3utools

Download pandahelper free




3utools jailbreak iphone,ipad

3utools jailbreak ios 12.4

Ios users who like to customize their idevice using beyond the Apple app store install cydia apps need to jailbreak their i-device.
3utools offers jailbreak options you for free. This 3utools Jailbreak your iPhonei,pad easily.

3utools Jailbreak possibilities.

ios 4.x / ios5.x  jailbreak                                        ios9.2 – ios9.3.3 jailbreak

ios5.1.1 / 6.x / 7.x jailbreak                                   ios9.1 – 9.3.5 (32bit) jailbreak

ios 8.0 – 8.4.1 jailbreak                                          ios 10.0 – 10.3.3 jailbreak

ios9.0 – ios9.0.2 jailbreak                                     ios 11.0 -ios 12.1.2 jailbreak

ios 11.4-12.4  jailbreak

According to the ios pioneers ios 12.4 was hoped not to be jailbreakable. But clever jailbreak developers have made the goal. They they have released public the jailbreaking tool named unc0ver jailbreak 12.4.

3utools download

Compatible devices for 3utools jailbreak iphone ipad
IPhone XS
IPhone XS Max
IPhone XR
A7- A11

3utools jailbreak iphone ipad ios 12.4

(Delete ios 12 OTA update files if available)
Connect your iPhone to laptop or computer via unbroken data cable for stable connection.
*Before you move to Jailbreak you should back up your iPhone.
(Go to tools and select Backup/Restore and get backup the device. Or it is available in jailbreak section)
* Then you have to enter flash & jailbreak section


and click on jailbreak

and jailbreak 11.4- 12.4


* Then  click on Run Jailbreak at lower raw.

*It will start installing jailbreak tool unc0ver

*After installation done you have to verify it.

Settings- General- Device Management – and tap on the developer app and tap on Trust.

*Open unc0ver which we have just installed
*Then tap on jailbreak to commence the process.(Be patient till it finishes the job)


*After done jailbreak tap on OK to reboot.

*Then iPhone / iPad will  respring at the process and finally you could see Cydia icon on the home screen.
(In the case of ending with freeze, do not worry, leave few minutes to recover, and if it fails then reboot the device and repeat the steps)

3utools download

Download Panda helper

Is 3utools safe app?

TutuApp Download