Downgrade ios 15 using 3utools

We love to upgrade our i-devices higher or latest ios versions to improve performance and have newer experience with it. But in some cases this will not happen and you may feel that the previous version is better than the new one. This will mainly happen when you have upgraded with unstable beta version or with the corrupt ios releases. Here you will face bugs and glitches unexpectedly all the time. In such case you would move to downgrade your i-device lower version.

If you’re looking to downgrade your present ios version to lower version you need to get help expert???  To say that you may find different downgrading methods are used with different tools but here actually you can downgrade it easily with 3utools. This is a fine reveal the way to re-install previous version by yourself.

Note: You’re allowed to downgrade your i-device from higher ios version to a lower ios version only if Apple is still signing the old firmware.

Downgrade ios 15 with 3utools

Backup your i-device

Doing Back up your iPhone, iPad will keep you away from data loss. This would be a main precaution to be done before doing the downgrade. 3utools helps you to this with its smart tool called Backup/restore. So before doing downgrade you must backup your i-device accurately.

Ios Downgrade with 3utools prerequisites

  • Pc or laptop with latest version of 3utools
  • stable internet connection

If you are not with 3utools then download and install it

You can download 3utools latest version easily 


If you are with 3utools then confirm that you are using the updated version.

Downgrade iPhone, iPad.

Now  connect your iPhone to a computer using the USB cable. Here you can see the device information and the present ios version.

Now click on the smart flash on top bar as follows

Then 3utools will automatically display you the matching firmware to your i-device and available firmware for your device. If a Green dot appear along with the firmware which means that firmware version is available to your deice.

Now you can choose the firmware you want to downgrade to and click Flash.

3uTools will take some to time to download the file and downgrade your iPhone to it.

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