Download 3uTools 2023 Latest Release on Windows/Mac [Update]

Finally, 3uTools – the best all-in-one iOS manager for iPhone, iPad has been updated for the new year. Download the official latest release of 3uTools 2023 on your device for free.

The latest update, 3uTools V2.65 for 2023 includes several optimizations that ensure the super smooth functionality to effectively use of the tool. The new update also has fixed some known minor issues in previous version.

3uTools update log

Apple iOS users are only having  a few options to manage their devices. Among these, 3uTools provide the best and complete solutions for iPhone/iPad users to manage the iOS as they wish. The tools is completely free but it offers plenty of features from files and data management to flash and jailbreak. We highly recommend all iOS users to download and install the latest version of 3uTools for Windows/Mac.

3uTools download

3uTools 2023 Latest Version– Information

  • Latest release: V2.65
  • File size: 115.2 MB
  • Released Date: 2023.01.10
  • Language: English
  • Developer: @3utools
  • License: Free

3uTools 2023 Update Log [V2.65]

  • Optimized FaceID Detection
  • Optimized the function of Erasing All Content and Settings
  • Optimized the Pro Flash
  • Fixed some known issues

Download 3uTools 2023 for Windows

As you may also know, 3uTools is a computer-base application so you need to download and install it on a PC. You can then manage your iPhone/iPad by connecting to PC with a USB cable. 3uTools 2023 is natively released for Windows and compatible with the Windows 10 and Windows 11 running computers.

Download 3uTools 2023 for Mac

Have you using a Mac and want you download the 3uTools 2023 latest release for your device? Even though 3uTools is developed as the best iOS manager, it hasn’t released a Mac version even in latest update. Fortunately, there’s a alternative way to download this amazing tool for macOS users. Find the link below it includes all the details for download 3uTools latest version for Mac users.

click here to download 3uTools for Mac


3uTools latest version of 2023 has been released with number of fixes and optimizations for the smooth functionality. All iOS users are recommend to download and use new tool version with their PC. 3uTools natively support Windows, however macOS users also possible to get the tool with alternative way.

Download 3UTools for Windows 11

Your favorite 3UTools application is compatible with Windows versions. Can download 3UTools for Windows 11 ? Yes, This application is not only support for Windows, but also you can follow application with older versions well. However 3UTools application will not support for most older versions. Please download application latest version from our download page to touch with this application features.

3utools windows 11

How to use 3UTools for Windows 11 or other versions

  • First download application latest file with our page
  • Then open setup file (exe) and click application – > Tap “Yes” – Then select your installation location (tap custom install) and tap “Install”
  • Now you can see 3U app is installing to your device. After few seconds tap “Launch” to open installed application. Please connect your iPhone,iPad or iPod before open application from your PC.

Note – Your Windows computer need to install iTunes or Apple Driver to function this application properly. Final stage this application will ask to install any of these applications.

Now enjoy your 3UTools application features with your device. This application developed to install required latest iTunes version and also latest drivers compatible with your Windows operating system. So these application installation will take few minutes to complete.

This application developed with premium iTunes features. So this is much valuable application for all users.

3UTools application not detecting my Device with Windows 11, Why ?

  • Please restart your computer after installation completed, Then connect your device with USB port and tap 3UTools.
  • Check your USB cable if any error occurred. This application automatically detecting your USB cable connected iDevice.
  • Please tap “Trust” to confirm connected device with PC.
  • You can check drivers and restart with this application

3UTools application has Wifi connection feature and users are required to run application with same LAN. Your Windows PC and device must run with same network.

If any error with this application installation in Windows 11 or other version, Please comment here.

3UTools Free Download for Your Device

Can download 3UTools free ? Yes, This application is completely free for users. More than ninety percent of application features are gathered with iOS users and this is useful for Android users well. However this application Pro flash features are compatible with iOS users. Because of Apple restrictions, All Apple devices are put into jail with free version. So VIP users can touch with premium features. Therefore most users are interesting with third party applications like 3UTools.  

Download 3UTools free latest version


 Click Here – Download App

3UTools free for Windows and MAC 

This application is only compatible with Windows users and MAC users are required to follow third party Windows installer. So this is working fine with Windows 7+ running operating systems. More than 80 percent of application features are free for users, This is really advantage for all users.  

Can download 3UTools free with Play Store/App Store 

Apple restrictions are not allow to follow these applications for iOS users. Then most users are moving with 3UTools application. This is not online based Play Store/App Store application. So users are unable to install this free application with official stores. 

Can Download 3UTools online ?

We have seen some sites are moving users to download this application online. This application developers are not released online installation method for users. So users are unable to install this application online for iOS and Android installer application. 

Is 3UTools VIP free ?

This application developers are not selling their app for users. However some features will be unlock with third party payment method. Users are unable to follow any cracking activation codes to bypass these features. Therefore do not follow third party activation numbers for your application. You can follow 3u .com official site for further information. 

Is 3UTools free with Linux ?

Only limited number of users are following Linux operating system for their computers. Actually this application Linux compatible version not released by development team. So Linux users are required to follow alternative applications instead of this application. Follow our direct download link and enjoy with this toolkit.

MovieBox Download with 3uTools for your device

Your favorite 3UTools application is ready with thousands of applications & other features. This application is one of the most famous application which is getting popular within users. Can download MovieBox with 3UTools ? Yes, All users can download MovieBox application with 3UTools to their devices. This application provide IPA installer for users. 3UTools is only compatible with Apple devices, So Android users need to touch with us to download Android compatible version in the future.


MovieBox Pro is the latest version of MovieBox application. You can download IPA file with this application. Then application can synchronize to your device. However you can use official moviebox site to download application online/offline to your device.

MovieBox app features

  • Huge Movie, TV Show, Trailer store ready for users
  • Support multiple devices & languages
  • User friendly application for users
  • Application can install without jailbreaking
  • Speed download link depend on your internet
  • High resolution format for users


MovieBox compatible devices

  • Apple iPhone,iPad,iPod, AppleTV
  • iOS 7+ devices

How to install MovieBox with 3UTools

You can download MovieBox Pro version using following steps to your iDevices. AppleTV users need to follow official site for more information. This guide will help to all smartphone users.

  • First download & install 3UTools to your Windows device- Tap Here
  • Connect your iDevice to Windows running PC
  • Search MovieBox/MovieBox Pro – > Click Download button – > You can see application is downloading to your device
  • After downloading completed, Select application & click Install to synchronize to your device.
  • Observe process & wait until end of application installation
  • Please verify application if unable to open with your device.

MovieBoxPro for Windows & Mac computers

This process is only for Windows users & MAC users need to use third party application (Windows virtual machine) to synchronize to their devices. We recommend to follow official site for all users who need more information regarding MovieBox.

Follow Me – MovieBox for iOS & Android

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3utools download and check your device to install your favorite Cydia application

3utools is one of the famous Windows based application which can use to synchronize applications to your device. What is 3utools ? Can download Cydia with 3utools ? If you are Cydia lover this will help to all users to install applications with your PC. 3utools is an intermediate application, this application can act as app store. 3utools store included thousands of applications which can use to find jailbreak solution for your device Ios model. Most users are using 3utools download and check your device to install your favorite Cydia application.

3utools download and check your device to install your favorite Cydia application

3uTool users features for users ?

  • 3uTool is solution for all in one application, This application has much more features for users.
  • 3uTools help to download Cydia or flash your device
  • Download and install third party apps without jailbreaking
  • Manage applications and multimedia files such as photos, music,videos
  • Famous ringtone for your Apple device 

How to install Cydia with 3utools ?

  • First download 3utools latest version for your PC
  • Connect your device and run 3uTools application
  • You can see 3uTools is detecting your device and Ios model
  • If jailbreak is available this application ready to download jailbreak application for you.
  • Download jailbreak application to install Cydia for your device (Please follow proper instructions before jailbreak your device) 

Cydia unable to download with 3utools jailbreak, What can I do now ? You can move with third party Cydia installation application for your device. These applications are ready to download your favorite Cydia applications without jailbreaking your device. So you can download apps without risk for your loving device. This is additional advantage for all Ios new users to keep their warranty with this amazing application.