Download 3uTools 2023 Latest Release on Windows/Mac [Update]

Finally, 3uTools – the best all-in-one iOS manager for iPhone, iPad has been updated for the new year. Download the official latest release of 3uTools 2023 on your device for free.

The latest update, 3uTools V2.65 for 2023 includes several optimizations that ensure the super smooth functionality to effectively use of the tool. The new update also has fixed some known minor issues in previous version.

3uTools update log

Apple iOS users are only having  a few options to manage their devices. Among these, 3uTools provide the best and complete solutions for iPhone/iPad users to manage the iOS as they wish. The tools is completely free but it offers plenty of features from files and data management to flash and jailbreak. We highly recommend all iOS users to download and install the latest version of 3uTools for Windows/Mac.

3uTools download

3uTools 2023 Latest Version– Information

  • Latest release: V2.65
  • File size: 115.2 MB
  • Released Date: 2023.01.10
  • Language: English
  • Developer: @3utools
  • License: Free

3uTools 2023 Update Log [V2.65]

  • Optimized FaceID Detection
  • Optimized the function of Erasing All Content and Settings
  • Optimized the Pro Flash
  • Fixed some known issues

Download 3uTools 2023 for Windows

As you may also know, 3uTools is a computer-base application so you need to download and install it on a PC. You can then manage your iPhone/iPad by connecting to PC with a USB cable. 3uTools 2023 is natively released for Windows and compatible with the Windows 10 and Windows 11 running computers.

Download 3uTools 2023 for Mac

Have you using a Mac and want you download the 3uTools 2023 latest release for your device? Even though 3uTools is developed as the best iOS manager, it hasn’t released a Mac version even in latest update. Fortunately, there’s a alternative way to download this amazing tool for macOS users. Find the link below it includes all the details for download 3uTools latest version for Mac users.

click here to download 3uTools for Mac


3uTools latest version of 2023 has been released with number of fixes and optimizations for the smooth functionality. All iOS users are recommend to download and use new tool version with their PC. 3uTools natively support Windows, however macOS users also possible to get the tool with alternative way.

How to use 3utools?

Hi my dear friends, Are you already with 3utools or willing to change your i-device setup? Actually if you are not like to the present appearance of your iphone,ipad,ipod and like to customize your idevice here is the tool you must have to do it in your way, easily and totally free.

3utools have released their version update 2.50 (2020.07.29) and according to update log it comes with

1. Add Genuine parts detection function.
2. Add the IPA Signature tool.
3. One-click Jailbreak adds Make Checkra1n jailbreak USB disk.
4. Users can add notes when using Virtual Location.
5. Social App Backup supports the social software installation during the restoration process.
6. Add iOS 14 adaptation support.
7. Fixed some bugs.

  • First you have to download and install 3utools to your computer / laptop.

3utools is computer based application which you can download to your computer for free and customize your iphone,ipad easily.   it is much compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 64bit and 32bit versions.

If you haven’t installed the setup yet click here to see 3utools download for free?

  • Run the setup

3utools setup

  • Update 3utools for latest version.

Don’t worry to browse the latest 3utools setup. We always facilitate you to readily have it. So you can always download the latest version by being with us.

[So if you are using an older version yet this is the time to update the 3utools to the newer version.]

How to install 3utools?




Usually it indicates that when it has an update with a red dot at the update button

3utools update 0

Once you click on it, checking for updates.

3utools update

[Note:Actually you had better to be updated all of your older software for better functionality [adding new features], for bug fixing and security vulnerabilities.]


  • Install the latest update if it is available.
  • Now connect your idevice using the USB cable to the PC.

3utools idevice

  • When you go to download apps in the Apps section it will ask to bind your Apple ID to it

How to bind Apple ID?

Now you are ready to use 3utools to change your idevice.

Download 3utools to windows 1o 


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How To Download Firmware For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch With 3uTools ?


Firmware is a IPSW [ipod software] that contain all the things that need to run the core operating system. Usually it covers the areas like

  • Base band
  • Boot ROM
  • IOS

When the phone turns on, the code in the Boot ROM runs, it activates the hardware (the phone and the baseband), and then proceeds to start the software (iOS).

Having knowledge about your i-Devices’ firmware is better for well usage of your device. Simply firmware is essentially the programming needed for certain devices to perform their designed tasks. As it is being updated the firmware is very helpful for smooth running of the device which confirms the device operates the way it should and identified bugs are fixed and programs are altered for user gain. Lets see Download Firmware iPhone iPad.

How to check your device Firmware?

For iDevice users you can check your firmware by the general way as bellow:

Go to setting—-> General—-> About—-> version

But using 3utools all those things will be on your wide window. Only you have to open  iDevice section of 3utools after connecting the iPhone, iPad, iPod  respectively to your PC.

Download 3u tools

How to use 3utools?

What are the Firmware offered by 3utools to Download iPhone iPad?

There are many Firmwares available for varying with iDevice category and iDevice Name respectively. So you can select the firmware you want precisely using the 3utools as follows.

  • Open 3utools
  • Click on Toolbox


  •  Then click on Firmware icon as bellow

  • Now select the device category  you want by using the drop down list provided.

  • Select your iDevice by using the drop down list provided.

Now you can see the window with compatible firmware for you iDevice.

You can easily download them by simply clicking on the small green download button at the download column.

How to use 3utools app?

Download AppValley

Download TutuApp